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MOS - Microsoft ® Office Excel ® 2010 Expert  

Course Objective:
Microsoft ® Excel ® 2010 Expert teaches the participant how to work with different types of documents using a variety of core and intermediate features to create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets for a variety of purposes and situations. Some topics may appear to be basic skill sets but are discussed in more detail, exploring at a higher level different options that can be chosen or applied for that skill set.

Participants who complete this course will have reviewed all of the exam objectives and be on their way to preparing for Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert Exam #77-888.

Working knowledge on computing and desktop application (Windows).

Certificate of Attendance :
Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants completing the course achieving minimum 75% attendance.

Training Duration:
Full-Time : 3 days     Time : 9.30am - 5.30pm
Part-Time : 6 sessions     Time : 6.30pm - 10.00pm (twice a week)

Training Methodology & Materials:
  • Practical hands-on sessions, 75% lab-based and 25% theory-based.
  • Well-designed labsessions to enhance further understanding of the courseware

  • Course Outline:
    Module 1: Presenting Data Visually
    1.1 Customizing Charts
    1.2 Using Sparklines
    1.3 Creating and Using Chart Templates
    1.4 Using Trendlines
    1.5 Using Custom Cell Formats
    1.6 Using Tables
    1.7 Using Dynamic Charts

    Module 2: Sharing and Protecting Workbooks
    2.1 Working with Templates
    2.2 Using XML
    2.3 Workgroup Functions
    2.4 Protecting your Workbook

    Module 3: Formulas and Functions
    3.1 What are Functions
    3.2 Using Math and Trigonometric Functions
    3.3 Using Statistical Functions
    3.4 Working with Financial Functions
    3.5 Using Logical Functions
    3.6 Using Date and Time Functions
    3.7 Using Text Functions
    3.8 Using Information Functions
    3.9 Converting Data Types
    3.10 Using Advanced Functions
    3.11 Auditing a Worksheet

    Module 4: Data Analysis
    4.1 What-if Analysis
    4.2 Using the Goal Seek Tool
    4.3 Using the Solver
    4.4 Using a Data Table
    4.5 Working with Scenarios
    4.6 Analysis ToolPak
    4.7 Using Array Formulas
    4.8 Outlining
    4.9 Advanced Filtering
    4.10 Using Pivot Tables
    4.11 Using the Data Slicer with a PivotTable
    4.12 Using Slicers on External Data Connections
    4.13 Using the Cube Functions

    Module 5: Developer Tab and Advanced Options
    5.1 Macros
    5.2 Adding Form Controls
    5.3 Data Validation
    5.4 Using Pick Lists
    5.5 Circling Invalid Data
    5.6 Removing Duplicate Rows
    5.7 Setting Advanced Excel Options

    Download PDF Course Brochure

    Course Training Fee
    Normal Course Fee :S$600 inclusive of 1 MOS Exam
    Promotion: S$ (Valid till 31-Dec-2099)
    Regn Fee: S$25

    All fees subject to GST 7%.

    Government Grant :
    SDF, Absentee Payroll, PIC

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