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Introduction to Python Programming

Course Objective:


Python is one of the most versatile and popular programming languages. Whether you are relatively new to programming or have been developing software for years, Python is an excellent language to add to your skill set. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of programming in Python, and you will develop applications to demonstrate your grasp of the language.

Participants will be proficient in developing simple command-line programs in Python such as:
• Set up Python and develop a simple application
• Declare and perform operations on simple data types, including strings, numbers, and dates
• Declare and perform operations on data structures, including lists, ranges, tuples, dictionaries, and sets
• Write conditional statements and loops
• Define and use functions, classes, and modules
• Manage files and directories through code
• Deal with exceptions

Target Audience :

Participants looking to learn the Python programming language in preparation for using Python to develop web and desktop applications.

Certificate Of Attendance:
Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the Introduction to Python Programming course achieving minimum 75% attendance..

Training Methodology & Materials:
  • Practical hands-on sessions to enhance concepts
  • Well-designed lab sessions to enhance further understanding of the Introduction to Python Programming courseware

  • Training Duration:

    Full-Time : 3 Weekdays or Sats
    Time : 9.00am - 6.00pm

    Course Outline:


    1. Setting Up Python and Developing a Simple Application
    •       Set Up the Development Environment
    •       Write Python Statements
    •       Create a Python Application
    •       Prevent Errors

    2. Processing Simple Data Types
    •       Process Strings and Integers
    •       Process Decimals, Floats and Mixed Number Types

    3. Processing Data Structures
    •       Process Ordered Data Structures
    •       Process Unordered Data Structures

    4. Writing Conditional Statements and Loops in Python
    •       Write a Conditional Statement
    •       Write a Loop

    5. Structuring Code for Reuse
    •       Define and Call a Function
    •       Define and Instantiate a Class
    •       Import and Use a Module

    6. Writing Code to Process Files and Directories
    •       Write to a Text File
    •       Read from a Text File
    •       Get the Contents of a Directory
    •       Manage Files and Directories

    7. Dealing with Exceptions
    •       Handle Exceptions
    •       Raise Exceptions

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    Course Fees (Applicable to Non-SDF/Foreigner)
    Course Title Normal Course Fees Promotional Course
    Fees valid till
    Promo Course Fees w GST
    NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)S$650.00S$620.00S$663.40
    Registration FeeS$30.00S$30.00S$32.10
    Total FeeS$680.00S$650.00S$695.50

    Government Funding
    Course is eligble for SDF Training Grant & Absentee Payroll from SSG. 
    Self-Sponsored trainee may offset course fee payable using their SkillsFuture Credit Claim or/& PSEA (subject to available balance in trainee's account). 
    Terms and conditions apply. 

    SDF Course Title : NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)
    Course Ref No. : CRS-Q-0039267-ICT

    WSQ Funding Course Fees
    WSQ Funding
    Singapore Citizens & Singapore PRs
    Total Fee
    Incl Regn Fee
    SDF Training
    Excl GST 7%
    Incl GST 7%
    SME Company S$650.00S$558.00S$92.00S$137.50
    Non-SME CompanyS$650.00S$310.00S$340.00S$385.50
    Mid-Career Enhanced Scheme (MCES)
    - Singaporean, 40 yrs & above
    Note: * - SkillsFuture Credit Claims or/and PSEA may be used to offset the course fees.

    Regn Fee : S$30

    All fees subject to GST 7%.

    Download Course Brochure (Contact Customer Service @ 6333 4843)

    Course Title   Venue Register Online
    Course Mode
    Start Date
    End Date
    NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)SingaporeRegisterFULL-TIME23-Jun-202125-Jun-20219:00-6:00PM 
    NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)SingaporeRegisterFULL-TIME10-Aug-202112-Aug-20219:00-6:00PM 
    NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)SingaporeRegisterFULL-TIME1-Dec-20213-Dec-20219:00-6:00PM 
    NICF - Introduction to Python Programming (SF)SingaporeRegisterSAT4-Dec-202118-Dec-20219:00-6:00PM