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Introduction to Flash CS5

Course Objective:
Adobe Flash CS5 is the industry standard for delivering rich graphic content over the web incorporating animation, sound and user interactivity. This one day training course will quickly get you up to speed with the basic features of Flash, including document options, using the drawing tools, working with text, animating, working with frames, tweening and exporting for web.


Basic computer knowledge skill is required.

Certificate Of Attendance :

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the day.

Training Duration:
Full-time: 2 weekday     Time : 9.30am to 5.30pm
Part-Time : 4 sessions      Time : 7.00 pm to 10.00pm (twice a week)

Training Methodology & Materials:
  • 100% hands on
  • Well-designed exercises/sessions to enhance further understanding of the courseware

  • Course Outline:
    Lesson 1: Introduction to Adobe Flash CS5
    • Understanding Flash workspace and environments
    • Familiarisation with Flash CS5 Interface
    Lesson 2: Creating, Selecting and Editing Objects
    • Tools Panel
    • Using Pencil tools and Brush tools
    • Using the Line tools and Pen tools
    • Ink Bottle, Paint Bucket, Dropper and Eraser tool
    • Selecting with Arrow and Lasso Tools
    • Using Freeform Tools to scale, rotate, skew and distort
    Lesson 3: Colour and Text
    • Adding, formatting and manipulating text
    • Creating web ready colors and gradients
    Lesson 4: Frames and Layers
    • Working with Frames
    • Deleting and copying frames
    • About Layers
    Lesson 5: Animation
    • Animation Basics
    • Elements of Animation
    • Scenes
    • Frame by Frame Animation
    • Motion Tweening
    • Motion Guides
    Lab 1: Introduction to Flash CS5
    • Exercise 1: Using Flash CS5 interface, toolbars and palettes
    • Exercise 2: Changing document properties (size, BG color)
    • Exercise 3: Working with Shapes in Flash CS5
    • Exercise 4: Working with Color & Fills in Flash CS5
    • Exercise 5: Drawing with the Pencil Tool
    Lab 2: Timeline and Layers
    • Exercise 1: Identifying Frame
    • Exercise 2: Working with Layers
    Lab 3: Saving & Publishing Movies
    • Exercise 1: Identifying Frame
    Lab 4: Symbols & Instances
    • Exercise 1: Introduction to Symbols & Instances
    • Exercise 2: Organizing Library Palette
    Lab 5: Tweening
    • Exercise 1: Creating a straight line motion Tween
    • Exercise 2: Creating path motion Tween
    • Exercise 3: Creating Text Tweens
    • Exercise 4:Creating Shape Tweens
    Lab 6: Mask Layers
    • Exercise 1: Creating a straight line motion Tween
    Lab 7: Adding sound in Flash CS5
    • Exercise 1: Adding Sound to a tween animation

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    Course Fees:
    Course Fee : $350.00
    Regn Fees: $30

    All fees subject to prevailing GST.

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