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CompTIA Security +  

Course Objective:
There is a growing number of companies and agencies requires CompTIA Security+ for all of their consultants. Get your career on the fast track with CompTIA's Security+ certification and establish your credibility as a Security professional. There are many benefits to earning CompTIA Security+ certification, including:

  • Validation of achievement in an industry-valued skill
  • Proven understanding of fundamental security best practices
  • Increased knowledge, leading to increased job satisfaction
  • Viable career path, leading to higher level security positions
  • A solid security credential that makes individuals more marketable

    The CompTIA Security+ course covers the most important foundational principles for securing a network and managing risk. Access control, identity management and cryptography are important topics as well as selection of appropriate mitigation and deterrent techniques to address network attacks and vulnerabilities.

    The CompTIA Security+ exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to identify risk, to participate in risk mitigation activities, and to provide infrastructure, application, information, and operational security. In addition, the successful candidate will apply security controls to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability, identify appropriate technologies and products, troubleshoot security events and incidents.

    Certificate Of Attendance:
    Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 75% attendance.

    Training Duration:
    Full-Time : 5 Weekdays
    Time : 9.30am - 5.30pm
    Course Outline:

    Network Security

      • Implement security configuration parameters on network devices and other technologies
      • Given a scenario, use secure network administration principles
      • Explain network design elements and components
      • Given a scenario, implement common protocols and services
      • Given a scenario, troubleshoot security issues related to wireless networking

    Compliance and Operational Security

      • Explain the importance of risk related concepts
      • Summarize the security implications of integrating systems and data with third parties
      • Given a scenario, implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies
      • Given a scenario, implement basic forensic procedures
      • Summarize common incident response procedures
      • Explain the importance of security related awareness and training
      • Compare and contrast physical security and environmental controls
      • Summarize risk management best practices
      • Given a scenario, select the appropriate control to meet the goals of security

    Threats and Vulnerabilities

      • Explain types of malware
      • Summarize various types of attacks
      • Summarize social engineering attacks and the associated effectiveness with each attack
      • Explain types of wireless attacks
      • Explain types of application attacks
      • Analyze a scenario and select the appropriate type of mitigation and deterrent techniques
      • Given a scenario, use appropriate tools and techniques to discover security threats and vulnerabilities
      • Explain the proper use of penetration testing versus vulnerability scanning

    Application, Data and Host Security

      • Explain the importance of application security controls and techniques
      • Summarize mobile security concepts and technologies
      • Given a scenario, select the appropriate solution to establish host security
      • Implement the appropriate controls to ensure data security
      • Compare and contrast alternative methods to mitigate security risks in static environments

    Access Control and Identify Management

      • Compare and contrast the function and purpose of authentication services
      • Given a scenario, select the appropriate authentication, authorization or access control
      • Install and configure security controls when performing account management, based on best practices


      • Given a scenario, utilize general cryptography concepts
      • Given a scenario, use appropriate cryptographic methods
      • Given a scenario, use appropriate PKI, certificate management and associated components
    Course Fee:
    Training Fee: $2500
    Regn Fee : $50.00

    Course fee excludes CompTIA Exam Fee
    All fees subject to GST 7%.

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