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CompTIA Cloud Essentials  

Course Objective:

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials course is a 2-day course. Learners will learn the fundamentals of cloud computing which addresses the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing. It will also explain how to setup a private cloud, adopt, operate, and govern the cloud. The course enables participants to successfully complete the associated CompTIA Cloud Essentials™ Exam to become Cloud Essentials™ Certified.


12 to 24 months of IT experience.

Certificate Of Attendance:

Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to participants completing the course achieving minimum 75% attendance.

Training Duration:

Full-Time : 2 Weekdays
Time : 9.30am - 5.30pm

Course Outline:

1.0Characteristics of Cloud Services

1.1 Understand common terms and definitions of cloud computing and provide examples
1.2 Describe the relationship between cloud computing and virtualization
1.3 Name early examples of cloud computing
1.4 Understand several common definitions of cloud computing and their commonalities / differences
1.5 Recognize what types organizations might benefit from cloud computing
1.6 Recognize what types organizations might not benefit from cloud computing
1.7 Distinguish between the different types of clouds, including XaaS, IaaS and PaaS, and give examples of them

2.0 Cloud Computing and Business Value

2.1 Recognize the similarities and differences between cloud computing and outsourcing
2.2 Understanding the following characteristics of clouds and cloud services from a business perspective
2.3 Demonstrate how the characteristics of cloud computing enhance business value

3.0 Technical Perspectives/Cloud Types

3.1 Understand the difference between private and public types of clouds from a technical perspective and provide examples
3.2 Understand at a high level the following important techniques and methods for cloud computing deployment
3.3 Explain technical challenges and risk for cloud computing and methods to mitigate
3.4 Describe the impact of the cloud computing on application architecture and the application development process.

4.0 Steps to successful Adoption of cloud Computing

4.1 Explain typical steps that lead to a successful adoption of cloud computing services
4.2 Understand the roles and capabilities of cloud computing vendors and dependencies on the vendors
4.3 Understand the following organizational capabilities that are relevant for realizing cloud benefits
4.4 Describe multiple approaches for migrating applications

5.0 Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management

5.1 Understand the impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management in a typical organization
5.2 Use a structured approach based on ITIL to explore the potential impact of cloud computing in your organization

6.0 Risk and Consequences of cloud Computing

6.1 Explain and identify the issues associated with integrating cloud computing into anorganization ‘s existing compliance risk and regulatory framework
6.2 Explain the implications for the direct cost and cost allocations
6.3 Understand how to maintain strategic flexibility

Course Fee:
Training Fee: $1299
Regn Fee : $30.00

Course fee excludes CompTIA Exam Fee
All fees subject to GST 7%.

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