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Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Database Administration  

Course Objective

This course Microsoft SQL Server 2012 - Database Administration conducted in Singapore teaches how to perform database administration tasks such as installation of SQL Server instances, configuration of SQL Server databases and settings, monitoring database performance, controlling user access to databases, and database maintenance.

In addition to these tasks, SQL Server 2012 provides many advanced features that enable you to manage databases efficiently. By familiarizing yourself with these tasks and features, you can plan, deploy, administer, and maintain SQL Server databases efficiently. In this course, you will perform database administration tasks

Basic knowledge of relational database, some experience in database design and MS Windows operating system 7 and its core functionality.

Certificate Of Attendance:
Certificate Of Attendance will be awarded to students completing the course achieving minimum 75% attendance.

Who Should Take this course
This course is designed for Database Administrators who administer and maintain SQL Server databases

Training Duration:
Full-Time : 5 Days
Time : 9.30am - 5.30pm

Training Methodology & Materials:
  • Practical hands-on sessions, 75% lab-based and 25% theory-based
  • Additional and well-designed labs handouts are given to further enhance the understanding of courseware

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2012 and its Toolset

  •  Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  •  Working with SQL Server Tools
  •  Configuring SQL Server Services

Module 2: Preparing Systems for SQL Server 2012

  •  Overview of SQL Server Architecture
  •  Planning Server Resource Requirements
  •  Pre-installation Testing for SQL Server

Module 3: Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2012

  •  Preparing to install SQL Server
  •  Installing SQL Server
  •  Upgrading and Automating Installation

Module 4: Working with Databases

  •  Overview of SQL Server Databases
  •  Working with Files and Filegroups
  •  Moving Database Files

Module 5: Understanding SQL Server 2012 Recovery Models

  •  Backup Strategies
  •  Understanding SQL Server Transaction Logging
  •  Planning a SQL Server Backup Strategy

Module 6: Backup of SQL Server 2012 Databases

  •  Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs
  •  Managing Database Backups
  •  Working with Backup

Module 7: Restoring SQL Server 2012 Databases

  •  Understanding the Restore Process
  •  Restoring Databases
  •  Working with Point-in-time recovery
  •  Restoring System Databases and Individual Files

Module 8: Importing and Exporting Data

  •  Transferring Data To/From SQL Server
  •  Importing and Exporting Table Data
  •  Inserting Data in Bulk

Module 9: Authenticating and Authorizing Users

  •  Authenticating Connections to SQL Server
  •  Authorizing Logins to Access Databases
  •  Authorization Across Servers

Module 10: Assigning Server and Database Roles

  •  Working with Server Roles
  •  Working with Fixed Database Roles
  •  Creating User-defined Database Roles

Module 11: Authorizing Users to Access Resources

  •  Authorizing User Access to Objects
  •  Authorizing Users to Execute Code
  •  Configuring Permissions at the Schema Level

Module 12: Auditing SQL Server Environments

  •  Options for Auditing Data Access in SQL
  •  Implementing SQL Server Audit
  •  Managing SQL Server Audit

Module 13: Automating SQL Server 2012 Management

  •  Automating SQL Server Management
  •  Working with SQL Server Agent
  •  Managing SQL Server Agent Jobs

Module 14: Configuring Security for SQL Server Agent

  •  Understanding SQL Server Agent Security
  •  Configuring Credentials
  •  Configuring Proxy Accounts

Module 15: Monitoring SQL Server 2012 with Alerts and Notifications

  •  Configuring of Database Mail
  •  Monitoring SQL Server Errors
  •  Configuring Operators, Alerts and Notifications

Module 16: Performing Ongoing Database Maintenance

  •  Ensuring Database Integrity
  •  Maintaining Indexes
  •  Automating Routine Database Maintenance

Module 17: Tracing Access to SQL Server 2012

  •  Capturing Activity using SQL Server Profiler
  •  Improving Performance with the Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  •  Working with Tracing Options

Module 18: Monitoring SQL Server 2012

  •  Monitoring Activity
  •  Capturing and Managing Performance Data
  •  Analyzing Collected Performance Data

Module 19: Managing Multiple Servers

  •  Working with Multiple Servers
  •  Virtualizing SQL Server
  •  Deploying and Upgrading Data-Tier Applications

Module 20: Trobleshooting Common SQL Server 2012 Administrative Issues

  •  SQL Server Troubleshooting Methodology
  •  Resolving Service-related issues
  •  Resolving Concurrency Issues
  •  Resovling Login and Connectivity Issues

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Course Fees :
Public Course Fee: S$2499
Regn Fees : $50

All fees subject to GST 7%.
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